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It is the day of love and romance on 14th February. Couples exchange chocolates, flowers, cakes on valentine’s day and makes new promises on this auspicious day, and make the relationship stronger, happier.

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Valentines day 

It is the day of love and romance on 14th February. Couples exchange chocolates, flowers, cakes on valentine’s day and makes new promises on this auspicious day, and make the relationship stronger, happier. The entire week the couple will spend their valuable time.    

Valentine’s day consists of different types of special days in which couples have time to express their feelings to each other. As of now 60 million floral arrangements, chocolate boxes are been sold across the world on valentine’s day week. Red roses are the most liked flowers that are sold on this day. The Red Rose is the symbol of love and care. Most people want to have floral arrangements rather than gifts on Valentine's day. According to research done by scientists, men will spend more money than women on valentine’s day. Order flowers for your loved ones from Valentine's Day flower delivery Dubai.   

It is the best opportunity to express your affection, love to someone who is the better half of your life. Take a little time to think and buy the best gifts for your lover. The best gifts to present to your loved ones are chocolates, teddy, red roses, and different floral arrangements. The important days in valentine’s week are rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, valentine's day.   

Rose Day: 

February 7th is celebrated as the rose day across the world. The delightful roses and forever roses can be sent to your loved ones as a rose day gift. Choose the best rose arrangements, bouquets from our website and express your feelings and affection to your loved one and make his/her happy. 

Propose Day: 

February 8th is celebrated as the proposed day across the world. On this beautiful day, couples propose to each other by visiting beautiful and attractive places and share their emotions in a pleasant atmosphere. Gift flowers on propose day and prose his/her. 

Chocolate Day: 

February 9th is celebrated as the chocolate day across the world. On this day couples share delicious chocolate boxes and feel the love while having the chocolates. On this day most people will have heart-shaped chocolate boxes and express their feelings. Order chocolates from the best Valentines Day Flowers Online Dubai 

Teddy Day: 

February 10th is celebrated as the teddy day across the world. On this day couples exchange their feelings with beautiful teddy’s. These are the best companion when you feel low and when your better half is far away these are the best partner which makes you strong. These are the best teddy’s to a gift they are pink teddy is a symbol for an adorable, red teddy is a symbol for love, desire, orange teddy is a symbol for joy, sunshine. 

Promise Day: 

February 11th is celebrated as the promised day across the world. On this day couples promise each other and make the bond stronger and brighter. Promise your lover that you will stay with his/her for a long time.  the promises are different from one couple to another couple. Gift some flowers and promise each other. 

Hug Day: 

February 12th is celebrated as the hug day across the world. On this day couple hug each other and share feelings and affection. Hug day is the most important day in a couple’s life. You can gift some flowers, floral arrangements with a sweet hug to him/her. 

Kiss Day:  

February 13th is celebrated as the kiss day across the world. On this day committed people kiss each other and make their love stronger. Gift some floral arrangements and kiss each other. 

Valentine’s Day: 

February 14th is celebrated as valentine’s day across the world. On this day people gift some beautiful floral arrangements, cakes, chocolates, teddys, and some other combos and make the day a memorable one. 

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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s day from Arabian Florist 

Valentine’s day is most celebrated by couples. Make the day a memorable one and make your relationship strong and happy. The Arabian florist has unique valentine’s day gifts. The best gifts to present to his/her on valentine’s day are 


Flowers make a major role to gift on valentine’s day. Without flowers, it is incomplete to celebrate. Choose classic red roses from Valentines Day flower delivery Dubai. According to your taste order the floral arrangements, bouquets from Arabianflorist. 


Cakes are the best gift to present on valentine’s day. Order delicious and unique cakes from Aarabianflorist. The best delicious cakes to gift on valentine’s day are chocolate cake, strawberry cake, blueberry cake, etc. Get customized cakes by ordering them before from the Arabia florist. 

Teddy Bear: 

Teddy bear is the best companion to the girl you love. When you are far away teddy makes the best partner to the girl you love. Gift different models of teddy from Arabianflorist. 


Combos are gifts that are commonly used on valentine’s day. The combo gifts consist of teddy’s, flowers, cakes, chocolates. Gift these combos from the best flower delivery in UAE

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